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For Melt Facilities

Data Driven Decisions to Increase Post Consumer Recycled Content

Rapid Analysis of Feedstock Scrap Material

Blends Optimized for Quality, Profitability & Sustainability


Rapidly & Safely Measure Melt Composition


Increase post consumer recycled content without sacrificing quality or yield. Automated tools for safety and efficiency. 


Post consumer scrap is a sustainable, economical source of material. To support the upcycling of old, nonferrous scrap products VALIS is developing VALI-Melt, and advanced sensing and software tool. This integrated hardware-software solution will provide detailed, rapid analysis of representative scrap samples, insight into profitable blending criteria and real-time melt analysis. 

Want early access to cutting edge technology?

01 / Rapid Feedstock Analysis

Get a detailed understanding of your post- consumer scrap so you can make proactive decisions that increase productivity. Save time and assess a larger sample with our automated system. 

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02 / Optimized Blending Capabilities

VALI-Melt is a software tool that considers critical factors related to the quality, profitability and sustainability of your products. Make data-driven decisions consistently across all plants.

03 / Real-Time Melt Analysis

In melt sensors allow you to accurately measure the composition of your melt in real time to increase the safety and efficiency of your plant. VALI-Melt will integrate directly with sensors to display melt insights.


Industry Leading R&D

This product is currently under development backed by the REMADE Institute, with funding from the Department of Energy, and in collaboration with the following industry partners.

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VALIS is your data and software solutions partner. Together, we can create a circular economy powered by data.

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