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For Scrap Processors

Data Driven Decisions to Enhance Your Nonferrous Operations

Zorba Scrap Metal

Increase Product Value & Improve Sorting Capabilities

Scrap Metal Material

Enhance Material Sampling & Product Marketing



Don't leave money on the plant floor. Upgrade your products with confidence even as input material changes and markets shift. 


VALI-Sort is a software tool that plugins with your existing sortation equipment and integrates with your current operations. Material, process and market data is captured then fed into proprietary AI algorithms.


We deliver high value insights into your material and processing conditions to save you time, reduce headaches and increase the value of your products. 

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VALI-Sort can help your operations?

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01 / Automatically Capture Process Data

Eliminate the need for hand written production reports or massive excel spreadsheets. VALI-Sort automatically captures processing data so you can better identify issues and improvements.

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02 / Get Visibility Into Your Material

Consumer goods are changing which means the large volumes of material coming through your plant are changing. Get real-time insights, not just for a small sample, but for your entire nonferrous inventory.


With VALI-Sort gain visibility into sorted product quality, analysis of inventory trends and product projections. 

03 / Optimize Your Production Strategy

Be proactive against material changes and market shifts. VALI-Sort optimization models identify profitable product changes so you know you're getting the most value from your process. 

Material Sampling

Material sampling is key to evaluating product quality and value. VALIS is delivering advanced sampling capabilities so you can grade more accurately and pass those insights within your team and along to your customers. Reach out to find out more.

Material Sampling

Industry Leading R&D

This product was developed with funding from the National Science Foundation and Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, and in collaboration with the following industry partners.


VALIS is your data and software solutions partner. Together we can create a circular economy powered by data

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