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VALIS Offers Preview of AI-Powered Insights for Metal Recyclers at ISRI Convention

VALIS is building software that makes recycling more profitable and material supply chains more sustainable.

March 21, 2022, Las Vegas – VALIS, a software solutions provider for metal recycling, today announced significant technical progress of a software tool for scrap processors at the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) Convention & Exposition.

Headquartered in Worcester, Mass., VALIS enables closed-loop, optimal processing of scrap metal by integrating and empowering the supply chain through artificial intelligence. Its first step in achieving that vision is through development of its flagship product, VALI-Sort, a software tool to support scrap processors and metal sorting capabilities.

VALI-Sort integrates directly with sorting systems to provide critical insights needed for data-driven decision making. Through a host of machine learning algorithms, VALI-Sort aims to deliver real-time quality monitoring and sort optimization based on profitability.

“VALIS’ real-time quality monitoring product serves as the eyes that help scrap processors understand current product composition,” says VALIS CEO Emily Molstad. “Not only does VALIS add tremendous value to the scrap sorting industry, but it supports the long-term stability, profitability, and sustainability of the metal recycling supply chain.”

To assess market potential and commercial viability, Molstad in 2019 met with more than 150 industry stakeholders through the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Innovation-Corps program. As a result of those meetings, Molstad gained insights on the industry needs and requirements for optimized metal recycling. “Our experience meeting directly with industry leaders helped to shape our company and further our vision for VALIS products,” adds Molstad.

In addition to Molstad, Chief Technology Officer Caleb Ralphs leads a team of software engineers and developers handling all aspects of data engineering and hardware communication. During the past three years, the team was awarded $1.25 million through a Phase I and Phase II Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grant from the NSF to enable production and development of VALI-Sort.

VALIS is one of five business enterprise units of Solvus Global [], a company focused on advanced manufacturing technology innovation. Solvus Global develops processes ranging from recycling scrap materials to manufacturing batteries more sustainably.

With more than 40 team members and 40,000-square-feet of production space to date, Solvus Global is gearing up for a year of growth with plans to quadruple manufacturing capacity in 2022.

Solvus Global Co-Founder Sean Kelly praised the VALIS leadership team. “Emily [Molstad] and Caleb [Ralphs] have the technical prowess, leadership strength, and passion for contributing to the fight against climate change through sustainable material management,” says Kelly. “They will play an integral role in future metal recycling initiatives.”

With VALI-Sort under beta-site testing, the VALIS team will be onsite through March 24 at the ISRI Convention and will be offering initial demonstrations of the product.

According to ISRI, more than 5,000 recycling professionals will gather at the event, which features the “largest exhibit floor of any recycling event during the year, dozens of educational sessions focused on the industry’s most pressing topics, the latest commodity market trends, day and night networking opportunities, and more.”

For those interested in a demo/ briefing, contact Emily Molstad,


Founded in 2019, software solutions provider VALIS delivers quality monitoring and process optimization capabilities to scrap metal processors through a host of machine-learning algorithms. VALI-Sort, the company’s flagship software, integrates with scrap sorting systems to providing visibility into product composition and identifying value-creation opportunities. Headquartered in Worcester, Mass., VALIS and its solutions lead to reductions in emissions while supporting the long-term stability, profitability, and sustainability of the metal recycling supply chain. For more information, contact VALIS CEO Emily Molstad at or visit VALIS at

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